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Wire-Sculptured Jewelry Using Sterling Silver And Gold Wire.

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After a long struggle beginning 18 months ago my husband, James, passed away November 11, 2014. I am not able to fill any orders right now, but will be updating, and continuing, Laura's Earth Element online store during 2015. Thank you for your support.



I am pleased to announce that this unique pendant, entitled "Journey of Life", was a finalist in the Jewelry Television 2011 Design Contest. I want to thank all my friends and family who voted for this pendant.

This design came together after a couple of weeks of indecision. I felt as if I were stuck in cement and couldn't move forward. Finally, I just decided to "do it", and finished the pendant in one afternoon.

The focal point of this pendant is a stunningly beautiful Azurite Jasper cabochon. To the left of the Azurite is a row of silver coiling with silver and blue art beads. At the top of the design, is a coil combining silver color and silver blue color. Above that are clusters of blue crystals, white pearls, and silver swirls. To the right, there is a Biwa pearl and a silver coil formed into a swirl. A silver coil shaped almost like a question mark, highlights the front.

My description of the design for the contest is as follows:

"At times, life shows us a straight, wide road on which to walk, and showers us with pearls of wisdom. Occasionally, the path turns narrow but remains straight. Sometimes, we find ourselves traveling in circles. Above all, leading the way is a question mark, tantalizing us with possibilities." 

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